Project title

Integrated Sustainable Solar Cooking & Water Pasteurisation Project
Subtitle: The establishment of an ISSC Production & Promotion Centre

Location and country

Northern region, Amhara. Location: Awura Amba

Target group

400 households in Awura Amba and in neighbouring villages.

Use of CooKitsShort project description

In 2012 SCN, in cooperation with HoA-ReC/N, gave an ISC introduction to the Awura Amba community. A number of inhabitants of the community were trained in the use and promotion of ISC. Upon the specific request of Awura Amba’s leader, Mr Zumrah, an application was submitted for the construction of an ISC production, training and distribution centre. The project application consisted of a simple business plan.

Implementation period

January 2012 – 2015 with a possible project extension until mid-2016.


For the total project 2012-2015 € 39,240


Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands (by means of many donations / funds)

Implementing organisation

  • Awura Amba Community,
    Leader Awura Amba: Dr. Zumrah and his staff
  • Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in Amhara (ORDA)
    Director, Dr. Dejene Minliku
    ISC Project Coordinator, Abebaw Abebe
  • Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands (as of 1-1-2016: Solar Cooking KoZon):
    Coordinator: Clara Thomas

Present state of affairs

The construction of the centre has been completed. The centre is well equipped and stocked with all necessary ISC materials and tools. Staff has produced 400 CooKits and WAPIs of excellent quality. Public ISC demonstrations have been given in the region on a large scale (50 demonstrations). There is cooperation with local and regional authorities. Nevertheless, distribution and sale of Solar CooKits are stagnating. Current marketing activities have not succeeded in convincing women to switch to buying ISC products. Discussions are currently underway with ORDA and Dr. Zumrah to re-launch the project by providing information and training for women in the neighbouring villages (home-cooking parties in groups).

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