Project title

Training of Bella women in the production of CooKits and hay baskets.

Location and country

Mopti / Segou, Mali

Target group

Five Bella women from around Mopti who have been holding CSI training sessions for a number of years now.

Short project description

Bella-vrouwenThe Bella people are former Tuareg slaves and are one of the poorest groups in Mali. In the past years, these five Bella women have held a number of KoZon training sessions in the use of cooking tools. These training sessions have allowed the women to gain more self-confidence. They wanted to learn how to make CooKits and hay baskets themselves. The sale of cooking tools and training of their use allows them to earn a modest income. Training sessions are held in Segou at the Togo Tilé project and at Here Bugu, near Mopti.

Implementation period



2,100 Euro


ZONTA Club Arnhem Area

Implementing organisation

  • Association Togo Tilé (training)
    Director: Seydou Coulibaly
  • Around Baba, Mopti (cooperation partner)
    President: Yvonne Gerner
  • Solar Cooking KoZon:
    Coordinator: Wilma Goppel

Present state of affairs

At the beginning of March five Bella women travelled from Mopti to Segou to the Togo Tilé project, where Seydou Coulibaly, the project leader, and his co-workers trained them in the making of CooKits and hay baskets.

During a very intensive week they worked hard to learn the ropes. They made CooKits and learned how to cover hay baskets and fill them with cotton wool. Seydou buys the baskets. However, the women find them too expensive and prefer to weave their own baskets with cheaper material that is easily found around Mopti. Basket weaving training sessions will take place at Here Bugu, the site of the Yvonne Gerner’s Foundation Around Baba close to Mopti.

The women should then in turn transfer their knowledge to other groups of women who have requested it, so that knowledge and experience are introduced nationwide.

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