Project title

ISC training for handicapped women (and men)

Location and country

Mali, Bamako

Target group

Handicapped women (and men) in various neighbourhoods of the capital Bamako who depend on the use of firewood for the preparation of their meals.

gehandicaptenvrouwenShort project description

During two days of training, the participants learn how to use the CooKit and the hay basket and which dishes can be cooked. At the end of the training they receive a CooKit and a hay basket for which they pay a symbolic amount (500 FCFA. 1 Euro = 656 FCFA). That is all they can afford.
Demand for projects among this group is on the rise as well.

Implementation period

On average one or two projects per year. Latest project: May 2015.


Cost per training of 30 women: + 1,500 – 2,000 Euro


Solar Cooking KoZon, often with the support from service clubs, etc.
‘Tintelingen’ the end-of-year donation from Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) financed the May 2015 training with an amount of 1,950 Euro.

Implementing organisation

  • Association Malienne des Femmes Handicapées (AMAFH) (Association of Handicapped Women of Mali)
    President: Mrs Zeïneb Guisse, Bamako, Mali
  • Solar Cooking KoZon:
    Coordinator: Wilma Goppel

Present state of affairs

During the latest project (May 2015) 30 handicapped women from various Bamako neighbourhoods were trained. At the end of the two-day training session they received cooking tools to take home.

KoZon has since 2005 supported ISC projects of the Association Malienne des Femmes Handicapées (AMAFH). At present over 350 handicapped men and women have been trained and provided with cooking tools. Evaluations show that they continue to use these cooking tools.
As there are many more handicapped persons who would like to be trained, we are always looking for sponsors to finance these smaller projects. Experience has taught us that for example service clubs, churches and women’s organisations prefer to finance such rather more modest projects.

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