Project title

Supplying Households with Solar Cooking Systems (Wilde Ganzen Project no. 2013.0238)

Location and country

Kampala and Mbarara (West Uganda)

Target group

Low-income households that depend on fire wood and charcoal for their daily cooking.

Short project description

UgandaSolar Cooking The Netherlands (SCN) has since 2007 supported its partner organisation Solar Connect Association (SCA) in Uganda with financial means and technical advice. SCA encourages the use of wood-saving cooking methods in Uganda, produces and sells an ever-increasing number of CooKit sets, hay baskets and other wood-saving cooking appliances. In 2013 it was decided to replace SCA’s far too small production and sales facilities by a newly to be built Renewable Energy Centre in Mbarara/Biharwe, West Uganda

Implementation period

October 2013 – 2014 with a project extension until December 2015


In two phases: € 90,010


SCN, Wilde Ganzen (WG) and SCA

Implementing organisation

Solar Connect Association (SCA), Kampala, Uganda

Present state of affairs

• The construction of the Renewable Energy Centre in Biharwe has been completed
• Paving around the centre is under way
• Since 2014 SCA has been totally independent as far as production and sale are concerned as well as financially
• Instructors and marketers trained by SCA provide information on the use of ISC cooking appliances and products in their own neighbourhoods
• SCN has financed the installation of solar panels on the roof of the centre
• Investigations are being made to see how SCA can meet an increasing demand for electricity generation with solar energy.

Read the short summary of the Integrated Solar Cooking Project Mbarara and Kampala Uganda by Mukasa Kawesa, Director Solar Connect Association, implementing NGO in Uganda.

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