Togo Tilé, Segou

Togo Tilé started in 2014 as a business-oriented enterprise. Production, marketing and sale of CooKits, hay baskets and Solar Boxes are doing very well. Solar Cooking KoZon is supporting the project during two years.

Handicapped women (and men)

Once or twice a year, ISC training sessions are held for handicapped persons. In these cases, the participants do not pay the actual price for the cooking tools but only a symbolic amount.

Bella women

In Mopti, five Bella women have been trained in holding ISC training sessions and in the production of CooKits and hay baskets. They will themselves take care of the production, marketing and sale.


In Tiby, in the Segou region, more than 800 women have been trained in ISC between 2010 and 2015. Among this group of women, four cooperatives have been set up that are going to further disseminate integrated solar cooking on the basis of a business model.