The Solar Box is a square, usually wooden, well-insulated crate/box with a lid. The inside of the box and lid are lined with aluminium foil.
The bottom (where the pan sits) is painted flat black. The box is sealed hermetically with a glass lid. A temperature of approx. 140˚C can be reached.

Mostly all types of food can be prepared in the solar box, but it is approx. 3 to 4 times more expensive than the CooKit. It is often too expensive for the very low-income target group. However, the box is more durable. By initially starting to cook with the CooKit, women could save for a Solar Box.

All cooking equipment, including the Solar Box, is produced locally.

Other Solar boxes

The Togo Tilé project in Mali, is experimenting with a cardboard box. This box was designed by Piet Sluimer, a member of our work group ISC/R.E.T. (Renewable Energy Technology) for Households. This cheaper and lighter box also reaches a temperature of ± 140°C and works perfectly. The Togo Tilé project currently looks at the box’s durability when used in the African climate as well as into the possibilities for local production.

Arie de Ruiter also produces Solar Boxes in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. Tel +31 (0) 184 417764.