Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands – KoZon (short name Solar Cooking KoZon) came into being on 1st January 2016 following a merger between Foundation KoZon and Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands.

KoZon Foundation (Cooking with the Sun as a source of heat) was established in 1998 by Wietske Jongbloed. The foundation’s objective was to set up projects that lead to saving firewood in (dry) tropical areas through the introduction of the use of solar energy in preparing the daily meals. Its second objective was to improve the lives and health of women and children. KoZon was active in French-speaking West Africa, namely in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Senegal as well as in refugee camps in Chad.

Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands (SCN) started in 2003 as ‘Solar Cooking Foundation Eritrea’. In 2006, when foreign NGOs had to leave Eritrea, its name was changed to Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands. SCN shared its objectives with KoZon but was active in English-speaking East Africa. Initially in Eritrea and Puntland Somalia and subsequently in Ethiopia and Uganda.

Close cooperation has existed from the very start. In recent years cooperation had intensified, to finally result in a new, strong foundation on 1st January 2016: ‘Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands – KoZon”. 

In nearly 18 years of KoZon and over 12.5 years of Solar Cooking Foundation The Netherlands, much has been achieved. Thousands of women now use Integrated Solar Cooking (ISC). The local partners in Africa work hard to disseminate Integrated Solar Cooking (ISC) / Cuisine Solaire Intégrée (CSI). Together with these partners a wealth of knowledge and experience has been acquired; both in terms of integrated solar cooking and the use of Renewable Energy Technology (RET). ISC/CSI networks between West and East African countries are also being developed. All this knowledge and expertise has now come together in the new foundation.

The new foundation’s management and staff continue to commit themselves with great enthusiasm. They are all volunteers and do not receive any remuneration for their work. This means that on average 95% of all donations is spent on projects. The remaining 5% mainly goes to information, promotion and fundraising costs as well as to banking and administrative costs.

The tax authority has recognised Solar Cooking The Netherlands KoZon as an ‘Institution for General Benefit’ (ANBI).