Solar Cooking KoZon encourages the use of Integrated Solar Cooking (ISC), enabling women to prepare food and pasteurise water in any type of weather.

ISC consists of:

  • CooKit
    To prepare food when the sun shines: a folding cardboard box, lined inside with reflecting aluminium foil; a dull black-painted pan with food is placed in a heat resistant plastic bag. Temperature ± 80 to 90°. The CooKit is cheap and easily produced locally.
  • Hay basket
    To finish cooking the food and to keep it warm; can be produced locally.
  • Wood-saving cooking appliance
    To cook on rainy / overcast days and at night to bake or roast food.
  • Water Pasteurisation Indicator (WAPI)
    To pasteurise (elimination of germs) drinking water.
  • Conical cooker
    Same principle as a parabolic cooker, but simpler and much cheaper. Temperature can reach more than 150° C, enabling also baking and roasting. Faster cooking than in a Solar Box. Can be produced locally.
  • Solar Box
    To prepare food: temperature up to ± 140° C. Shorter cooking time than in the CooKit, but more expensive to buy. Can be produced locally.
  • High temperature cooker: parabolic solar cooking appliance. Temperature can reach ± 195° C. Perfect for stewing, baking, roasting. Can be assembled locally.