Vision and policy

Solar Cooking KoZon’s main objective is to promote integrated solar cooking and the use of clean energy at the lowest possible cost. To achieve this we choose a business approach, whereby women are encouraged to participate in the local economy.

Integrated solar cooking

The emphasis is placed on the use of the (Solar) CooKit, the Solar Box, the Hay basket, a water pasteurisation indicator and wood-saving appliances: Integrated Solar Cooking (ISC) / Cuisine Solaire Intégrée (CSI). On a smaller scale, solar lamps and small solar panels for daily use will be marketed as well.

Women’s participation in the local economy

In order to improve the living standards of women, we support local ISC/CSI initiatives in which women can participate fully, their position can improve and they can generate income and participate in the local economy. Women have hands-on experience in cooking and daily activities and are therefore particularly skilled marketers, promoters and instructors.

Business approach

Beside the elaboration of a project plan, a business plan is established that includes objectives, an action plan and timetable, an ISC/CSI promotion and marketing plan as well as a detailed budget. A charitable approach remains possible for extremely poor groups, such as refugees and the physically handicapped.

Project countries, networks and cooperation

Projects are requested by a local NGO, cooperative or organisation. Our foundation cooperates closely with these local ISC/CSI experts as their first point of call as well as coordination and network contact.

The Foundation’s task and function

Solar Cooking KoZon creates favourable conditions and advises. The initially supervisory task in a new project is followed by an advisory and supporting role.


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