Annual report 2017

The annual report 2017 of the Solar Cooking Foundation the Netherlands – KoZon has recently been published. An overview of last year’s activities and results in East and West Africa is included in the report. Also the financial results are presented. 2017 has been a special year again. Employees have worked hard to succeed in the business approach. With pride we can inform you that the projects employ over 100 employees.

Webinar SCK

“Great Webinar”

“Solar Cooking KoZon is doing terrific work”, “Thank you for offering this webinar” and “Great webinar”. Just a few comments at the end of the Solar Cookers International (SCI) webinar and Solar Cooking KoZon, on August 30th. It was indeed a success. More than 60 participants from all parts of the world (including India, South Africa, Iran, Mexico, USA and Bolivia) participated in the webinar and asked a lot of questions. Using a PowerPoint presentation, we showed two successful companies in integrated solar cooking (ISC) one in Uganda and one in Mali.

Worldwide appreciation for SCA of Uganda

Mukasa (on the right) explains the parabolic cooker to Seydou Coulibaly, director of the Togo Tilé project in Mali.

Mukasa Kawesa, Director of Solar Connect Association (SCA), our project partner in Uganda, has been admitted to the Solar Cookers International Association. This Association is an elite group of academics, decision-makers, designers, producers, businesses, innovators, lawyers, humanitarians, environmental experts and NGOs that promote solar cooking worldwide.

Increasing sale of cooking appliances in 2015

Interest in integrated solar cooking is growing rapidly. This is illustrated by the sales of cooking appliances in 2015. In particular the two operations set up as businesses, Solar Connect Association (SCA) in Uganda and Togo Tilé in Mali, saw their revenue increase substantially. SCA has been working since 2007 with support from SCN and…

Volunteers needed

Wood is getting scarcer and more expensive in Africa. This is why the demand for integrated solar cooking is increasing enormously. We would like to honour this demand but to do so we need volunteers who monitor projects. Project coordinators must be willing to travel for one or two weeks, once or twice a year,…